Ari Herstand (Ari's Take)

I know you educated everyone on the comparison between and CD Baby Pro but can you (or will you) tell everyone which one you picked for yourself? For the record I think CD Baby Pro is where I think I will go but I understand it is almost a dead heat. To me it seems like comparing Gibson to Fender or Mustang to Camaro. Just wondering!

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 06/10/2013

Great question. I'm not going to share which one I chose just because it will then seem I have a bias towards one. And I attempted to get my article as factually accurate and unbiased as possible. I think you'll be fine with either. Based on the cost chart you'll have to decide which is better for your purposes. The biggest difference if you have multiple songwriters in your band or just one and if you're going to release multiple albums.

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