Ari Herstand (Ari's Take)

I know it says "a question" as in "one", but I actually have a couple... and of course won´t get upset if you don´t find the time the answer them, or if you just don´t feel like it. ;)
Here goes anyway:
1. Are you planning any shows in Sweden? Would you like to come over here and play? I´m looking into some "state cultural funding" to bring some american singer/songwriters over in the future. :)
2. Do you have any connections with promoters/managers/booking companies that could help me (swedish singer/songwriter) put together some kind of mini-tour in the states? Might have state funding there as well. :)

I have a fb-page and homepage, there is some short info on me and links to my music there... sending you the links if you get the time and feel like looking me up. Have a nice day Ari and thanks again for all your good advice all the time! :)

Best regards,
Mattias Törnell, Sweden


Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 11/13/2013

Thanks for the offer! I would say, lock in the funding it would need to take to fly an American artist over and embark on a Sweden (or European tour) and then start throwing out the offer to artists. It's much more attractive if you have real numbers and funding to offer. Best,


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