Ari Herstand (Ari's Take)

How do you sniff out a scam? What are the signs that you can call out that raises red flags against a company, or label?

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 11/13/2013

Hey Danielle, I'm glad you asked this. There are a ton of companies out there that scour Reverbnation and Facebook looking for young bands to sign up to their services. Many of them will try to get you to call them and then on the phone give you their pitch and get you to sign up on the spot. Never do that. If they are pushy, then push away! First test is the gut check. Did their message come across scammy or are the genuinely interested in you? Did they cite specific songs, lyrics, choruses, solos, shows, youtube videos? Or did they say "love your stuff!"

Always ask for who some of their clients are/were. What other bands have they worked with. Ask to see examples of what they have done. Then email those bands directly and ask them about their experience with the company.

Best of luck!


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