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Thanks for the great blog! Question background: Since I am a new songwriter/artist wanting to get my songs in front of AR people to (maybe?) get a more traditional publishing deal and after reading your articles about music distribution (and CD Baby vs. Tunecore for publishing), I decided it would be best to just start a music distribution agreement with either CD Baby, Distrokid or Tunecore. I would stay away from eithe CDBaby's or Tunecore's publishing agreement because: I want to be able to takedown my music at a moment's notice, if I am that lucky (believe me -- I know it's a long shot) in order to start a publishing deal with a traditional publishing house. Hopefully what've said makes sense so far (any comments?), because here's my real question: If I completely takedown a tune I've already placed on various stores, can I then assign my publishing rights to a new publisher almost immediately? I am staying away from CDBaby/Tunecore pub deals for this very reason. Thank you! Gordon

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 08/05/2015

yes. you can take your music down from stores immediately if you don't do their publishing program

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