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How does a beginning singer songwriter begin? Like, they don't have enough plays and press to get other press interested in reviewing, but how can they get that without press reviewing? It's a catch 22.

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 08/05/2015

You don't need press. You need fans. Start at coffee shops, open mics, and hop on bills with other artists. Get the email of every person in the room. Start an email list. Once your live show is good enough start promoting your shows heavily.

Definitely recommend getting high quality (audio and video) videos up on YouTube and Facebook.

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Hi about to get a song ive written licensed by a fair sized publisher ...but just lately i have been really churnin them out..and im wondering if you could advise me on the pro's and cons of goin it alone..? By that.i mean self publishing.I reckon i could write 12 fair quality songs a year..some only suitable for an album..some better..but im not Charlie xcx.who is writing.just about the highest earning songs out there.or Bruno Mars..who writes quite a lot of hits for others.I just dont like the idea of sharing that much..if one could possibly do the job ones self..or do you think.they are worth it ?..Thanks Jacky.

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 08/05/2015
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Thanks for the great blog! Question background: Since I am a new songwriter/artist wanting to get my songs in front of AR people to (maybe?) get a more traditional publishing deal and after reading your articles about music distribution (and CD Baby vs. Tunecore for publishing), I decided it would be best to just start a music distribution agreement with either CD Baby, Distrokid or Tunecore. I would stay away from eithe CDBaby's or Tunecore's publishing agreement because: I want to be able to takedown my music at a moment's notice, if I am that lucky (believe me -- I know it's a long shot) in order to start a publishing deal with a traditional publishing house. Hopefully what've said makes sense so far (any comments?), because here's my real question: If I completely takedown a tune I've already placed on various stores, can I then assign my publishing rights to a new publisher almost immediately? I am staying away from CDBaby/Tunecore pub deals for this very reason. Thank you! Gordon

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 08/05/2015
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