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How exactly should a band in NYC go about building an audience of fans? Sure they spread can spread their shows once a month, but that leaves them with only 12 possible dates in a year for fans to catch them live. Most of those fans in the initial stages are friends.

Thanks for answering these. It means a lot coming from someone of your experience.

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 12/24/2015

Hey there, when you're just getting started you want to play anywhere and everywhere all the time to get performance experience and really let the world know that you are a live band. Once your band is tight and people are coming back to your shows (without you having to beg them), that's when you spread your shows out and rally everyone around a big show every 6-12 weeks.

Make sure your online presence is solid as well and that you have solid recordings and videos that your new fans can show their friends to get them excited for your show. Don't neglect your online presence or your recordings. It's the best recruitment tool you have.

Good luck!


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