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Hey bro..i m Prakash Saikia from India..actually I wanted a help from u coz I m very new in this musical field.n u have been doing well on that n also getting lots of I m an independent artist n I want to make my first single which is based on our folk culture n I want to make it in English.i can make sure that it's a fully different music flavour people gonna listen..but I have one problem is that if I mix n master my song by a well known mixing engineer after that how I will release my song? How I will approach a music distributor or music company for that?though my budget is not so much big but I want to make it last only I can say to u that pls help me to get my way to my dream..god bless u..

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 12/24/2015

Hi Prakash, your project sounds great! You can distribute your music to all online stores very inexpensively via CD Baby, DistroKid or Tunecore. Read my comparison on them here:

You can also put the music on BandCamp (for free).

If you need more personalized help we can get into it in a consulting session. You can signup here:

Good luck!


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