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Ari, France recently announced that they reached an agreement concerning distribution of digital revenue, but it only covers French artists. The Euro Union is expected to come out with their legislation starting in December which will cover their 28 member-nations. I believe these will influence the U.S. House Judiciary Cmte. to act in similar manner, otherwise the artists and contracts would shift toward Europe. I can't find many details on the French deal. I contacted the French Ministry of Culture which issued a statement but got no answer back. A website with the general terms of the agreement didn't allow me access. Do you know or you can find out anything about it beyond the general terms?
"Paris, October 2, 2015 The agreement reached this week by the French music industry regarding the distribution of digital revenues is an agreement to 'international dimension', said Friday the mediator Marc Schwartz was the occasion of the official signing of the text."

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 12/24/2015

Hi there, I haven't heard about the French deal. I'll keep my ears open. Please send any info you find to me:

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