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I posted my music on bandcamp and was contacted by a company called Radio Ready PR Plans. They wanted to market my stuff to radio and help me sleek up my website, press releases, bio, stuff like that, as well as pitch my songs for licensing. They ask for $600 one time and 40% of every placement. Is this a good deal?

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 10/18/2016

Never pay a licensing company up front for services. Licensing companies only should get paid when you get paid. They get a commission typically between 30-50%. 40% is reasonable. $600 is not.

However, they seem to be combining a couple services: bio writing, press release, photos, radio pitching. If that is the case, then make sure the $600 is going to pay for those things and not for licensing services.

Always ask what radio stations, specifically, they will be pitching you at and what their success rate is. I'm assuming it's college radio. Which can be fine, but how are you going to leverage the college radio adds?

What are their synch licensing successes? Are they just going to get you on MTV shows for free or will they be working to get you the $50,000 ad campaigns, $10,000 prime time television spots, $80,000 movie trailers and movie inclusions.

Get a breakdown exactly where the $600 is going. Ask if they will work with you just on synch licensing for 40%.

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