Ari Herstand (Ari's Take)

I'm in a band just starting out in Nashville, we have plans to play anywhere and everywhere once we finish our ep, but how should we prepare to play shows in the most talented and critical city?

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take) responded on 02/02/2013

Very good question. Well I'd say if you haven't played many shows yet then you should be getting out right now playing everywhere and anywhere to get experience. Once you have your live show SOLID then you can start getting strategic about how to promote your shows. Nashville is a networking town. So get out to as many shows as you can and meet as many people as possible. Play everywhere and meet everyone else on the bills. Go see their shows. Support your community and they'll support you.

If you want me to put a specific plan and program together for you on really how to get known in Nashville email me and we can chat more:

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